Marriages are supposed to give you the feeling of love, affection and the desires of intimacy with your spouse. If these attributes are taken away from you, then you must consider what has caused this to happen in the first place.

Carefully reevaluate your relationship to see what went wrong to fix it accordingly. Some of the things that you can do is sit down with your partner and see how they truly feel about you. This may include analyzing past conversations and activities, if you have to.

When was the last time you shared an intimate encounter with your spouse or in fact done anything special? How about the last time you went out on a date and shown any kind of affection to each other? Remember that to keep a marriage healthy it must take work and the constant nurturing of love and affection daily.

Start doing things together as a couple. Don’t let the stresses of life that may include kids and the worries of money, dampen your relationship and make things worse for you both. Properly repairing your sexless marriage will include constant communication with your spouse that involves feedback from both parties.

As you make yourself aware of the many possibilities that cause a sexless marriage to occur, know that you are not alone in this. Although, many couples struggle with this, understand that it can be fixed and restored effectively.

As you consider the many benefits that will take place while you remedy the situation of a sexless marriage, consider the aspect of forgiving and forgetting the past. This will allow you both to heal and move forward from anything that troubles you. Sometimes this task may not be easy but if you want to keep your marriage healthy in every aspect, then you must consider it well.